GICLÉE PRINTs - "idunnoyoutellme"

$5.00 - $20.00
— On sale

Two sizes of high-quality, limited-run giclée prints come hand-signed and ready-to-frame! Limited run prints in 4"x6" size now on sale for $5 /ea, and 8"x10" size on sale for $20/ea).

Information about the original drawing:

What do you see?

The drawings I create begin with an energetic expression: a cathartic scribble which is then resolved into a series of rounded shapes. Each shape is filled with bright, neon pen lines. These lines create pictographic messages that speak to the natural world and our shared humanity. Finally, I color these shapes in with pastel or colored pencil, discovering broader interconnections across the disparate landscape.

Out of chaos, comes a heartfelt, cohesive image—a kind of “stained glass window,” through which our psyches may converse, across space-time.